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 Let us show you how much more productive your business can be using metal belts! 

Something New On The Horizon?

 Metal Belts are being used in designs ranging from robotic arms to solar cell manufacturing and mining. How will your metal belt application change the future? 

About Us

We are a premier supplier of precision engineered metal drive belts and pulleys to builders, suppliers, and designers of automated equipment. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality metal belt solutions on time and at competitive prices.   

We set ourselves apart from others due to having over 50 years of metal belt knowledge and practical experience. This knowledge includes design and application, belt system design, pulley design, belt tracking, conveyor building, the welding of thin metals, and metallurgy. Our experienced staff includes engineers, metallurgists, and toolmakers.  

Do you have a new metal belt application in mind or a current one you need assistance with? Give us a call so we begin manufacturing steel belts for you! 

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Advanced Metal Belts

West Springfield, MA 01089, U.S.

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Material Sizes


Widths - 0.050" [1.30mm] to 47.0" [1200mm]    Thickness - 0.002" [0.05mm] to .047" [1.20mm]
Length - Any